2W Energy is one of the largest independent energy traders in Brazil and has been operating for nearly a decade in the Free Energy Market or Unregulated Contracting Environment (ACL). We offer a portfolio of diversified, flexible and competitively priced products and services for short-, medium- or long-term business strategies. We provide conventional and incentivized energy.

2W Energia in numbers

2W energia offers:

Competitive Prices

  • Prices for different types of products
  • Customization of cash flow by operation
  • Alignment of prices and volumes according to customer demand (regardless of the size of the company or business)
  • Tiered pricing/flat pricing

Corporate structure

  • Financially solid
  • Backed equity (paid-in capital)
  • Experienced and highly qualified staff composed of personnel holding masters and doctorates
  • Risk management
  • Audited financial statements (recognized by international consulting firms – Big Four)