Created through a merger between RR Comercializadora and Clime Trading, 2W Energia centralizes its power generation and supply activities into a single business.

This is why the company boasts distinct, safe and competitive services for its customers.


With operations throughout Brazil, 2W Energia is one of the largest energy suppliers in the country with an average over 3,500 MW delivered to more than 700 customers.
We dealt with 13,140 GWh of energy supplied in 2018.


2W Energia focuses on generating renewable energy (wind) with plants that have a capacity for approximately 100 MW of installed capacity. 2W Energia’s parks are located in Rio Grande do Norte, which is regarded as the state with the best winds and solar radiation in Brazil.

Our staff

2W Energia features a staff of professionals who are renowned in the industry for their ability to manage energy risk, prompt business solutions and, above all, for their excellence in the research, pricing and regulatory fields.

Contact Us

Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089 – Centro Empresarial Morumbi Shopping – Sala 1101

CEP 04707-000 – São Paulo / SP

Phone: +55 11 3957-9400 – Fax: +55 11 3957-9499


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