2W Energia’s strong and proven experience in the construction and operation of team assets establishes it as a strategic player for leveraging opportunities in the wind generation industry. Our supply operation in the Unregulated Market is the key advantage that will provide more support to medium and long-term operations.

Wind Farms

We boast a portfolio under development composed of renewable energy projects, which total 100 MW of installed capacity.

The first project is already at an advanced stage of development. The facility features state-of-the-art turbines designed for multiclass winds capable of generating 31.2 MW of installed capacity, with more than seven years of anemometric measurements having been endorsed by internationally recognized certifiers. The project includes an Installation License (IL), in addition to advanced environmental and regulatory studies and incorporates suppliers with a vast history in the sector.

The ventures are located in Rio Grande do Norte, the state boasting the top wind generation in Brazil with 4066.1 MW of installed capacity, produced by 151 parks that have the largest capacity factors in the country. The region also contains the largest solar irradiation in the country, with an average overall radiation of 5483 Wh/m2.

(a) The figures in the table (*) indicate the installed capacity in December of each year, accounting for the motorization of the HPP and including the plants that have been under commercial operation in isolated systems, with plans for interconnectivity within the scope of the study.
(b) Does not include the estimated import from the Itaipu HPP that was not consumed by the Paraguayan electricity system.
(c) Does not consider self-production, which, for energy assessments, is represented as load reduction.

Source: EPE